The cold winter months health remedies


The cold winter months not only bring in coughs, colds and flu, we find it harder to stay warm and our circulation tends to be less effective at throwing out toxins.  Not least, we feel less energized and able to find that extra bit of energy.  Here are 5 key herbs to help with all those winter aspects.

Cinnamon Stick

A fragrant winter favourite, this herb is able to bring circulation as far as cold fingers and toes.  It is also a potent anti-viral and anti-bacterial, making it a vital herb for the worst of the flu season.  Not only does it fight these microbes, its constituent cinnamaldehyde provides welcome pain reduction and is sedative.  It continues to be useful post colds and flu, during the often debilitating convalescence stage.  It is also a blood sugar stabilizer useful for helping calm down any post-festive sweet tooth over-indulgence.

Ginger Root

This is ‘the’ classic for warming up circulation and helping colds and flu and it is often twinned as a herbal tea with cinnamon to warm and detoxify.  However it is most effective as an anti-viral and anti-bacterial when freshly grated and eaten raw.  (You can add a little honey if you wish or simply chew a teaspoon of it as it is.)  The gingerol, zingerone and shogael and other constituents are 6-15 times stronger in the fresh root and if the aim therefore is to work as an anti-microbial, do not make as a tea or cook with it.  Reserve the latter for digestive assistance and circulatory help.


These anti-viral berries are of increasing interest as findings show they appear to ‘inactivate’ any given flu and virus strain.  It helps to shorten and reduce its symptoms and severity.  Of course it has been made and used as a home remedy as a syrup for centuries, to treat tickly coughs, colds and fevers, where if taken at the onset, nastier versions like flu, bronchitis and pneumonia are less likely to progress.  It is good taken throughout the colder winter months on a weekly basis, and daily during a cold.

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